My wedding ceremony in South Korea

Hi guys! I promise to make a new post as soon as I can and here I am posting my new post about my wedding. It’s a little-belated considering I got married 2 years ago, but really, better late than never!

The 19th of November, 2016 was the greatest day that will stay in my heart for the rest of my life. I married the love of my life, my soul mate, my best friend, and my best supporter. We had the best time ever surrounded by friends and family present to celebrate our union. Here are some of the first photos that have been released from our amazing photographer.

We got married at a place called The Western House in South Korea.

Here are my wedding photos with Oppa 오빠. (Oppa is used in Korean culture by a female to a male, who is older than her)

Pyebaek room (폐백)
Pyebaek room the place to pay respect to bride's in-laws after the wedding. Pyebaek room (폐백) is just for the immediate families and not the guests.

Restaurant & Banquet

Another room on the 2nd floor.

Here are some of our favorite wedding food.

Our wedding invitation card.

My wedding bouquet and my wedding gown. I fell in love with the dress the minute I saw it and knew this was the one!

Our wedding rings

My bridal shoes

He gave me 10 roses.

Wedding MC welcome speech.

My mom light the individual candles, Bride and Groom light the unity candle while music is played. These candles before us symbolize the union of our marriage.

My father leading me down the aisle.

Bowing has been an important element of Korean culture. It's a way to show respect, say hi, thank you, and bye.

He sang us a beautiful song.

Marriage declaration.

My Vows: "From this day forward I promise you these things. I will laugh with you in times of joy and comfort you in times of sorrow. I will share in your dreams and support you as you strive to achieve your goals. I will listen to you with compassion and understanding, and speak to you with encouragement. 

I will help you when you need it and step aside when you don't. I will remain faithful to you for better or worse, in times of sickness and health. You are my best friend and I will love and respect you always". I just can't hold my tears and need to take a break for a few times to continue my vow.

His vows: "I vow never to stop loving you as I do today. To carry the warmth of our love over years through difficult times, up hills and over oceans. To be the bannerman of our love and yell to the wide open spaces filling them with these words: This is my wife and I love her!"

He put on the ring on my left fourth finger. I can't believe how blessed I am! I'm married to the most wonderful man.
I put the wedding ring on groom's finger.

I was a nervous wreck. I believe that everyone feels nervous about getting married.

Cutting the cake at our wedding.
Champagne wedding toast.

We go to each of the parents and give them a big hug.

My mom and I ♥ She's hugging me and say don't worry.

Well, that's it for today! I can't believe that our wedding is already over! I want to thank all our 150 guests for being present on our wedding day.

Thank you, everyone, for good wishes and thank you to my overseas friends for flying all the way to South Korea just to attend our wedding ceremony. Thank you for sending us a wedding gift despite not being able to attend, we really appreciate it.

I hope you guys enjoy this post as much as I do! See you guys soon in next post! Comment will be highly appreciated. Your support means a lot to me and you inspire me to create more great things for all of you.

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