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Hi there! If you are reading this right now I assume that you want to know a bit more about me, huh? So why don't we talk more about who I really am exactly?

Okcheori Roseline is an Indonesian blogger based in Seoul, South Korea who writes about the things that she loves. You can also request what do you want me to write on my blog by leaving a comment on one of my blog posts!

I just an ordinary girl, very far from perfect, who believed in her dreams to make them happen. I'm 100% Chinese Indonesian, not even a drop of Korean blood in my veins I swear! At the age of 24, I moved to South Korea to continue my education and continued my career in Seoul for 5 years. Most of you guys asked me why did I choose Korea over Australia, Canada, or Singapore. Well, I don't really know exactly why.

One day I think that I have saved enough money, so on the 7th of September 2012, I decided that I will quit my job in Jakarta and buy a one – way ticket to Korea. I was about to realize my biggest dreams, and I’ll never forget that day. Fate brought me to Korea and I actually think God has a plan for me. Life is unpredictable and full of surprises. I'm not into K-pop and fangirl-ing but I do listen to Korean music, and watching Korean drama.

Since I was a kid, I love listening to music it really helps me to relax, and I really enjoyed reading and writing. But when I went off to college, I'm not being able to find the time to read and it's made feel guilty. Blogs are like never-ending books to me and I enjoyed reading blogs so much, I rediscovered my love for writing. Then one day, I wondered: why not start blogging myself? So in November 2018, I launched Okcheori.com into the world! Blogging is now a part of my life and I never thought I'd be a full-time blogger.

I got married at 29 years old, I know probably most of you want to know about how I met my husband and so on but if I explain my love story in here, it's probably too long so I will make a blog post about it real soon so stay tuned!
Many people expect me to settle down and have kids, but I decided to travel instead. Not being an arrogant or naive person, but this is truly who I am. I know myself more than anyone else so no one has the right to judge me. I hate those judgmental people, naive and full of fakes. Everyone has their own different life experiences which make them who they are!

I’m a crazy dreamer and with an insatiable desire for travel and adventure who could never settle for an ordinary life or conform with the norm. I travel for the freedom to live life on my terms, to be in charge of my own destiny, to give myself time to pursue my passions, dreams, and ambitions.

I never mind myself traveling alone because it is such an honor for me to actually getting to see the other side of the world while some people just don’t have the privilege. Travel has made me happier, less stressed and more confident, I’ve learned new skills, made more friends that I can count and most importantly of all I learned that the world is not a scary place. 

I know it sounds cliche but it’s true travel really has changed my life! Well, I hope this short introduction please you and hope you enjoy reading my blog. Your comments support me a lot to prepare and make my blog better. I love you, my readers!

5 Responses to "Take some time to get to know me"

  1. Hello, Salam kenal :)

    Akhirnya menyempatkan juga saya mampir ke blog ini, karena Okcehori sempat mampir juga di blog-ku Lanalouie.

    Btw, jadi penasaran nih. Posting dong dan ceritain gimana cerita Dan kisah ya akhirnya menemukan cinta sejatinya (love story) di Korea? :)

    Warm regards from Indonesia 🇲🇨😊

    1. Hai, makasih ya atas commentnya & udah aku follow back juga yah blognya. :) iya nanti yah di buat postingannya ya. ditunggu aja hehehe

  2. Lovely! Thanks for sharing!
    You better travel and have fun and don't let anyone bother you because it is your life! You should go on youtube and document your travels as a couple! It will be so fun to watch <3
    - Kiki | soyvirgo.com

    1. Thanks for your comment. Now, I have no plans to make Youtube because I don't have the confidence to speak in front of the camera. Maybe one day I will try it to make Youtube. :)

  3. I follow your account. Will you follow back my blog #Life_Hacks


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