The first snow of the winter arrived in Seoul

Hi everyone! How's your day? It's already winter in South Korea! Do you get excited when it is a snow day? We finally had the first snow of the year here in Seoul. The first snowfall of the year is an event that everyone seems to be waiting for but of course, nobody can beat my own excitement! Haha. 

The first snowfall in Seoul happened on Monday, 24th November 2018. The first real snowfall of the year is always fun to see.

My husband told me it is snowing outside. I was so happy and excited so when I woke up in the morning, I rushed to the window and peeked outside. I sit next to a window in the room, where I have a great view of the snow just starting to fall. Can you imagine my surprise and excitement when I suddenly saw the place right in front of my window all covered in snow? Here are pictures of the park that you can see right from our window!

Looking out my window to see the first flakes falling always makes me happy. I can see snowflakes falling ever so lightly on the ground.

I was debating with myself whether to go outside or not because snow is gonna be so cold however I couldn’t sleep anymore, so I took a shower, I got dressed up quickly and finally, I decided to go out.

All I saw was white everywhere.

I went out to the park near our house have a look see. Here are more photos of my winter wonderland. I feel kinda waste not to blog because I did take some pretty pictures from where I stay in. So, yea enjoy!

The amount of snow falling and accumulating outside was impressive.

Everything was covered in white flakes, it was so beautiful.

The first fall of snow is not only an event, but it is also a magical event.

It was really cold outside. The first thing I did was stepping on the snow, and it felt so good.  It might sound crazy or stupid to someone but hey! I LOVE IT! Every step I take feels like I’m crunching the snow below my sneakers. That reminds me, sneakers are not good for snow since the snow can seep in and melt on your feet.

The plant is covered with thick snowflakes.

I grabbed a pile of snow on the floor. It was like crushed ice. This is a quick video I took while it was still snowing just for memory’s sakes.

Do you want to build a snowman? Come on let's go and play. I never see you anymore come out the door. It's like you've gone away. (a song from the 2013 Disney animated feature film Frozen)

I just love watching them fly around, disappear over the rooftops and circle back again in ever wider orbits.

Pigeons and doves.

It is rare to see a white pigeon. Seeing one for a moment is a true miracle. You should be happy that you had a chance to see one!

Colorful autumn leaves everywhere!

One thing that I would also say, about winter in South Korea, is that the temperatures didn’t drop as low as I thought they would. But the wind is crazy here. I think that was really the most difficult thing to deal with during the winter. The strong and cold wind, that gets under your head, and under your skin, freezes your ears, your nose, and can make your nose runny. That was a hard battle.

I came from the tropical country of Indonesia where I only get to experience two kinds of weather - summer and rainy season. Growing up in the tropics, we naturally don’t have snow. That’s why you could imagine how happy I was when snow had started to fall in Korea! This experience will always have a special place in my heart forever. Unfortunately, that afternoon the snowfall stopped. The next day, it’s gone. Hope will be back soon.
I will end it up with my shameless selfie with the snowman since the lighting is just perfect! The cold never bothered me anyway. Haha.

Well, that's it for today! Hope you guys enjoyed it and happy reading!

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  1. what a nice!!! I believe you must had a great time on that day.


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