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Hi everyone! Merry Christmas! I wish this holiday season you would receive love, peace, and joy for the whole year. It’s officially winter in South Korea! How about in your country? Winter is the time to buy warm and cozy clothes for your storage.

In my opinion winter outfits are all about coziness, comfort, and warmth. If I tell you the truth winter clothes are my favorite. I wait all year long for this time of the year when I get to pull out of storage my favorite fall and winter outfits. My favorite winter clothing item is a sweater. They allow for versatility: they can be paired with jeans, leggings or skirts, and you can wear sneakers, booties, boots or high heels.

Online shopping is my current addiction, you know, girls will never get enough of clothing. However choosing for great clothing is not easy, as there're a wide variety of online stores out there. When it comes to fashion sense and style, everyone has a different perception of it, some may prefer simple and elegant, some may go for sexy, some may like sporty, unique and outstanding. To me, I love a simple outfit because it allows me to feel comfy all around and in the right places.

Recently, I found an online store which is selling a variety of sweater, blouse, shoes, bag, dress, pants, etc. Another good thing about them is they also offer international shipping to a select number of countries. You know that guys when I discover good things, I can't help myself to share it with you guys. Now it’s time for me to share all my picks from ALLBUT!

I've got myself a sweater, bag, and jeans from ALLBUT and the quality is superb! Are you ready to take a look?

I love this sweater because of the design! There is a picture of a cute bear in front of the sweater. How cute, right? Oh! Ever since I've changed my hairstyle, different feedbacks received from a lot of people. Not sure if it's a good thing but to me, life is short, sometimes it's good to have a change. Currently, I am really enjoying my style.

This is my favorite look and my everyday kind of outfit. So comfortable and easy to put together! I am glad that I am on the right track now because I know what online stores fit my style. I am sure a lot of girls wear a different style of sweater depending on the occasion and mood. 

This time, I am going to share how I actually pair my cute sweater according to occasions and mood. I have combined pink jeans with a grey sweater in this outfit, grey tone doesn't steal the shine of pink still. 

Also, grey best matches with pink, try on grey and pink outfit, you would find it really matching surprisingly! I bet you would be surprised pink is the color of this winter season. Pink is a girly tone, that doesn't drain your complexion. In the other way round, pink does make you stand out and it is a must-have for this season.

This grey color sweater is a MUST have for winter! I love the fit, warmth and well made of this sweater! They are good quality and knitted with the best quality wool.

These jeans are super good quality and really inexpensive for such a good pair of jeans. They feel so soft, warm, cozy, and stretchy enough. I really highly recommend them as your go-to winter jeans.

Elevate this simple combination with a crossbody bag and sneakers. To me, an outfit without a crossbody bag, it would be rather dull and kinda lack of something. Yes! Seriously a bag will make your look complete!

My hubby was so impressed with this bag. He feels so smart to choose this bag to me now. Very well made, good overall size, not too big and yet big enough for holding all my stuff is in one place. The simple design and lightweight material make it a pleasure to use and easy to carry and manage.

Overall, I am an Allbut customer for life. I’m so happy with my purchase. My package arrived timely and in an excellent condition. I really recommend this online shop for everyone!

So are you ready to get a winter outfit for yourself? Having a warm, high-quality winter sweater, jeans, and a coat is a MUST! 

Allbut has many things to choose from, I’m sure they’ll be running promos throughout the week leading up to Christmas and New Year and I’m sure they’ll have some sort of sale after Christmas, too! So don't forget to check out!

You can shop all my outfit here:

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  1. Thanks for your sharing 😊 nice outfit, happy december 😊

  2. I wish you and yr family merry yr loveyl regards from turkey....

  3. Cute. I will have to look at their site.


  4. That sweater looks so cozy! I like Teddy Bear on it. So sweet and cute!
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  6. So super cute your sweater!
    Have amazing last days of 2018!
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  8. Such a cute look! Thanks for the heads up on this store. And I love your New Balance sneakers. Such a fun color.

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  10. What a cute sweater! I love the outfit! Have a happy new year! ♥

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  11. Your wishes for the season are beautiful, and I like your thoughts about winter outfits very much.
    Your grey teddy bear sweater looks very cute, cozy and fashionable. It looks wonderful being worn with the girly pink jeans.
    Best wishes for a very healthy, successful and happy year!

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