Itinerary for Singapore in 3 Days 2 Nights

Hi peeps! How's your day? Today I gonna blog about my throwback for a short trip with my favorite friend for travel to Singapore in February. I have been visited this beautiful country many times and still loving it. I keep going back and never get bored of this place. What makes me keep visiting Singapore? Of course, it's nearer to Indonesia and the flight ticket is not expensive. Not to forget, I love their food so much!

I know maybe you would ask me why I finally blog it now. Well, last year is a busy year for me so I don't have time to make a blog. This article will share with you what we did during that time, and where we go. Hopefully, it will also inspire you to add Singapore to your travel list as well as give you some ideas of where you can go when you get there.

Indonesian are always on the hunt for the next holiday. A trip to Singapore from Indonesia can be a good way to enjoy a calmness pace of life and a short break to be away from the traffic jam problem in Indonesia. 

Both of us are so stressful in our work, a short escape is always a great solution to release our stress and relax our mind. Air Asia flight delayed more than 2 hours from scheduled departure time without any explanation or information. Before the plane takes off, we took a selfie together.

Once we had landed in Changi Airport, we had our dinner at the Swensen's. I ordered a Chicken Baked Rice and my friend did the same. The baked chicken rice was big in portion, but the baked chicken rice was average in taste and in the chicken bits give were miserly. After finishing our dinner and freshen up, we're heading to the hotel.

We used grab-car to our hotel. It's kinda late, so after we checked in the hotel then we straight away from sleep until the next morning. Before you go travel, be sure to download the Grab app! Uber is disappearing in Singapore and Indonesia. If you take a taxi can get pricey especially at night. The Grab app works just like Uber and is an excellent alternative to the MRT.
On the next day, we wake up early in the morning to go to Merlion Park. On our way to Merlion Park, we passed the Fullerton hotel.

The scenery around the Fullerton hotel is very beautifully decorated with shady trees, buildings, and rivers.

When walking along the river you will see the statues. There are also some further along and also the other side of the river, keep a lookout for them too.

Candid shot by my friend.

You can also sit around The Fullerton Hotel riverside and enjoy the cool breeze.

Take the cruise and enjoy the views! It took a little over an hour and takes you out into the bay.

Meet new friend! I was lucky to meet them there, who is from India.

From a distance, you could see the marina bay sands building. You can find the statue at Merlion Park, situated at One Fullerton near the waterfront at Marina Bay. This must-see Singapore attraction is just a short walk from Raffles Place MRT Station.

Finally, we reach the Merlion Park. Merlion Park is a Singapore landmark and major tourist attraction, located near One Fullerton, Singapore, near the Central Business District (CBD). 

The Merlion is a mythical creature with a lion's head and the body of a fish that is widely used as a mascot and national personification of Singapore. Two Merlion statues are located at the park. The original Merlion structure measures 8.6 meters tall and spouts water from its mouth. It has subsequently been joined by a Merlion cub, which is located near the original statue and measures just 2 meters tall.

The Merlion statue was not as big as I thought but there is also a bigger version on Sentosa island just by Singapore. Merlion Park offers great cityscape views across the water. The most iconic landmarks of Singapore can be seen along the waterfront of Singapore river - Merlion, Esplanade and Marina Bay Sands.

The park was so crowded with tourists. I always wanted to take a great picture with the Merlion statue but cannot be taken. 

We were very lucky to come in a very nice weather day.

If you’re thinking of a short holiday not too far from Indonesia, look no further than Singapore. Singapore is a small country, and it’s easy to get around thanks to its well-connected network of transportation.

The Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) is a simple and affordable way of getting wherever you want to go. This country is incredibly safe to travel in for women and it offers an abundance of activities, free sights and a mix of cultures. If you’re a respectful traveler you’re not going to get in trouble in Singapore.

There are small boat rides next to this location.

You can spend time around the Bay to look around or sit next to Merlion. If you can find a spot to sit, you can enjoy the breeze and just wind down. There are also loads of bars and restaurants to choose from.

Don't forget to come with your camera to snap some shots with the Marina Bay Sands and Esplanade building.

After we finished visiting Merlion Park, at noon we headed to Orchard to have lunch. We decided to get lunch here since we were in the ION Orchard Mall already and had been recommended this place.

Food Opera is a great place for lunch or dinner when you visit Singapore. There was plenty of food to choose from, very cheap and you get full.

The taste is so good and the price is worthed with what you get, big bowl. Most of the time this food hall is full, so finding the place to sit could be a challenge in the peak time. We would drop again once arriving Singapore.

After we finished lunch then we went to a Coffee Bean Tea Leaf Cafe to have a rest for a while. I ordered a Yuzu Strawberry Cake. The fragrance of real yuzu is so aromatic and the cake is spongy and delightful.

Pose with sculptures!

Orchard Road is most crowded Road of Singapore where every big shopping malls and all 5-star hotels are available. You should visit this place if you are a shopaholic. All the brand in the world can be found here.

It is my favorite street for shopping, getting updated on the latest fashions and trends, cafes, eateries and bars along Orchard Road and nearby side streets, and more.

The statue is nice to take a snap with.

The weather was so hot so we bought ice cream at McDonald's. I ordered the Oreo McFlurry.

My friend ordered the Lychee flavored soft-serve ice cream.

While I was in Singapore I took the time to meet my aunt who lives in Singapore. We met at Suntec City Mall and had dinner together.

Visited the Tuk-Tuk Cha Love Mee at Suntec City for the first time.

Suntec City #B1-173/174, 3 Temasek Boulevard Singapore 039593 (5-10 min walk from Promenade MRT)

We were seated next to the window where we watched fountains show all through dinner.

We ordered the Wonton La Mian (Noodle Soup with Wonton), Iced Lemon Tea, and the Seasoned Kailan. The food was excellent and very satisfying.

We walked around Suntec City mall after our meal and saw this.

From Suntec City Mall, we went to China Town to buy some souvenirs. This place offers a wide array of scenes to look at.

If you want to do shopping at affordable rates then this is the place! You get varied options to buy from. 

Each street has a unique story and the history of the Chinese in Singapore.

We enjoyed looking around China town and spent several hours wandering around Chinatown, exploring the colorful goods, clothes, souvenirs, interesting buildings including the Sri Mariamman Temple.

Before the MRT finished operating we returned to the hotel and rested for the next day.

The last day we are in Singapore we planned to explore Vivo City Mall and Universal Studio Singapore. I’ve really wanted to visit Vivo City Mall ever since I first saw pictures of Vivo City Mall on someone blog.

Vivo City is a relatively popular shopping mall located in the southern part of Singapore. Opened in December 2006, it's also considered one of the biggest shopping malls in Singapore. It's close proximity with Sentosa Island and Harbour Front Cruise Terminal makes it an easy target for tourists.

Great night views of Vivo City Mall.

We decided to eat lunch first before heading to Sentosa Island. This Food Court is situated at Level 3 Vivo City Shopping Center, opposite where you need to buy the ticket to board Sentosa Express train to Sentosa Island. 

I ordered curry chicken rice. The portion is huge, and the size of the chicken is also big. But the chicken curry tastes unimpressed at all, after all, we pay the premium price.

The VivoCity rooftop garden, known as the Sky Park, mostly consists of water. There are 2 big wading pools for children and grown-ups to remove their shoes and soak their feet into the comfortable water. Lots of children can be seen enjoying themselves around the wading pool.

Lots of interesting sculptures can also be found around the Sky Park. Vivo City Sky Park at Level 3.

It's a nice walk to have at the rooftop level outdoor. It's a wonderful park!

Sky Park also has beautiful views of the sea. In a distance, you can see the neighbouring Sentosa Island and the attractions found at the Resorts World Sentosa Integrated Resorts. You can also see the Harbour Front ferry terminal with cruise ships parked around.

You can go down through these stairs to walk around the sea.

Sentosa is an island resort off Singapore’s southern coast, connected to the city by road, cable car, pedestrian boardwalk, and monorail. 

The monorail located on the 3rd floor where will took you to Sentosa fun island.

The views on the top are really breathtaking.

We almost arrived at Sentosa Island! Sentosa island has several rides, theme zones, restaurants, shopping centers and much more. It is a must visit place for all kids and adults going to Singapore on a vacation.

This time I skipped Universal Studios at Singapore. I just took photos in front of the Universal Studio ball. I feel that the older I get, I become and the more scared I am with the thrilling game, as in my body actually can’t handle the shock. Anyone like me?

Since we don't enter universal studios so we just walk around outside the Universal Studio and shop for some chocolate at the Candylicious shop.

We ate dinner at Vivo City shopping mall before getting back to the hotel. The food court in basement level 2. 

I ordered Char Siew Chicken Rice. I was very disappointed with the meal. Food was terrible, and really bad taste.

Now it's time to say goodbye to Singapore! I will be back one day. Overall, Singapore has always been my favorite travel destination. It is easy to travel around, and full of great food and fun. People are friendly so you’ll have no problems if you get lost and need to ask for directions. 

That's all for today. Not a detailed and complete one but I hope you guys really enjoy reading my Singapore Travel blog as I really spent a lot of time and effort to writing and editing. Don't forget to stay tuned on my blog, I will make a post about my trip to Thailand as soon as possible. Hopefully, it can be done before my next trip begin.

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