5 tips for experiencing Singapore like a local

Hey guys! Finally, this post is up! How was your week? Today I want to share some tips that maybe are very useful for those of you who will be traveling to Singapore and experiencing Singapore like a local. Are you guys excited? Let's check it out!

5 tips for experiencing Singapore like a local:
Singapore is a beautiful country with stunning modern architecture, hundreds of must-eat dishes and world-class attractions. It is quickly becoming a hotspot destination in Asia. If you venture further beyond the attractions frequented by tourists, you'll find a hip cultural melting-pot that rivals the best cities in the world. These five tips for experiencing Singapore like a local are the perfect way to start.

1. Head to a hawker centre
The most surefire way to experience any destination like a local is to eat where the locals eat, and according to Ben Groundwater’s One Thing blog, trying authentic food is the one thing you must do in Singapore. Even venturing just a couple of streets away from most tourist attractions will lead you onto the right path.

In Singapore, you'll find the most authentic local cuisine in 'hawker centres'. Before you head off to search for a definition, hawker centres are multiple rows of food stalls with shared tables for dining running through the centre; they can be likened to a street food style version of an American food court. In a hawker centre, you'll find dozens of different variations of Singapore cuisine at very cheap prices. Chinatown Complex Food Centre has over 260 stalls.

2. Visit the local neighbourhoods
If you want to truly experience how the Singapore locals live, take a trip to neighbourhoods close to your accommodation. Around 80% of the population live in flats managed and owned by the government. In these areas, you'll find small communities with children's playgrounds, family-owned convenience stores, community centres and more surroundings that provide a real insight into the daily lives of the Singapore population. 

3. Eat late
Most of us are lucky to make time for the standard three meals a day, but in Singapore supper isn't a luxury; it's part of everyday life. Many local restaurants and food stalls will remain open 24-hours a day, or they will open only late at night with dedicated supper menus. Whether you're after just a light snack, such as cheng tng, or a filling local dish like chicken rice, you will be spoilt for choice. Head down to Swee Choon Tim Sum Restaurant for a traditional supper that's popular with locals.

4. Use the buses and trains
Singapore is a small country with a very well-connected transport system. As with most countries, the public transport system is a pivotal part of everyday life; this is especially true in Singapore, as walking around in the blazing heat will quickly become your least favourite thing to do! The transport system is easy to follow, and you can buy daily or weekly passes.

5. Get travel insurance
Nothing will prevent you from travelling in Singapore like a local as much as not having travel insurance. Many mishaps turn into horror stories when travellers aren't properly prepared for their trip. From covering you in the event of lost or delayed luggage to covering unfortunate medical costs, having adequate and reliable travel insurance will allow you to fully embrace the local scene.

Singapore manages to pack lashings of incredible culture into only a small space. If you are travelling to Singapore, doing it like a local is the only way to go!

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  1. Good travel 😊 thanks for your sharing 😊

  2. I would like to travel there and explore everything! Also, I would like to visit some restaurants ◡‿◡✿

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