First Day Itinerary in Disneyland Hong Kong

Hi, lovelies! Finally managed to catch some breath and spare time to write a post for you guys about my Hong Kong trip. This is my long due Hong Kong post, I am so forgetful that I keep ignoring my Hong Kong trip post. Most of the memories have already faded over time. I really feel like punching myself. 

Fortunately, I still got pictures to tell the stories to you. Thus my Hong Kong trip posts are going to be wordless, hopefully, you don't mind since it has been one year ago since my last visit. I can't believe time flies so quickly. This time my Hong Kong trip with my husband and his friends.

We went on Sunday in the morning to avoid too big a crowd and we reached there at 9 a.m. which is considered earlier because the park opens at 10.30 a.m but I don't think that worked. It was very crowded.

We were in Hong Kong in April. The weather is cold, humid and sometimes it rains.

Mickey mouse handles on the train.

We were on our way to Disneyland.

I have never been to any Disneyland and this was my first visit. It’s just so embarrassing to tell my friends that I’ve not been there (used to think it’s just like Dunia Fantasy in Indonesia, but I am so wrong). So now I need to go to Disneyland once and for all to get my pride. (。-_-。 )人( 。-_-。) 

Disneyland was my childhood dream. But because my father never to take me to Disneyland, I promised myself that I would fly to this place someday. Someday had finally come. It was the day I had all been waiting for. ~(˘▾˘)~ 

If you are young at heart and if you’re a fan of the immersive, magical experience unique to Disneyland this is the one!

When I came out of the train, my eyes stunned at the unique decoration of the station.

In front of the exit of MTR rapid transit station of Disneyland Resort.

We bought a ticket from KLOOK and easily access to Disneyland entrance. Just print out document and present to staff at the entrance.

Once you enter the park, make sure to grab brochures or map at the entrance so you could navigate easily. You can also download the Hong Kong Disneyland mobile app with a GPS-enabled map HERE. This is a big help when navigating around the park, it will also tell you the estimated waiting time for each ride.

Hong Kong Disneyland is a theme park located on reclaimed land in Penny's Bay, Lantau Island. It is located inside the Hong Kong Disneyland Resort and it is owned and managed by Hong Kong International Theme Parks. It is the largest theme park in Hong Kong, followed by Ocean Park Hong Kong.

The Mickey and whale fountain at the entrance of Hong Kong Disneyland! 

Be prepared to have a long walk.

1-Day Park Ticket.

Wear a comfortable outfit and shoes if possible as the place is required lots of walking.
My outfit of the day:
Jacket: K2
Jeans: Wemakeprice Inc
Shoes: Coach

The first time you enter the Disneyland gate, you will see the Mickey character decoration on the grass and surrounded by colorful flowers.

Mickey and the Wondrous Book.

For more generic Disney merchandise, Centennial Hall boasts a good selection, in a patriotic American setting.

Disney Friends Springtime Garden.

Fantasy Gardens is a meet and greet attraction located at Fantasyland in Hong Kong Disneyland, which is presented by Kodak from 2005 - 2015.

This is one of the cutest Minnie Mouse statues I ever saw.

Take a photo with my husband. The ambiance of the garden will make you feel young and free. ƪ(˘⌣˘)ʃ 

Do bring along an umbrella or poncho just in case it rains! I didn't take many photos at Disneyland in Hong Kong because on that day it was heavy rained but stopped in the afternoon so that make us waiting in long lines quite unpleasant.

There is something makes me not happy too, Hong Kong Disneyland suspends the daily fireworks display until 2019, and the sleeping beauty castle is under construction. They did not make an announcement about this on their website, even the people working at the front of the gate did not tell us anything about it. I don't like that, it's tricking people too much!

We started off in Adventureland as I had heard the rides have the longest queues.

Tarzan's Treehouse
Climb to high adventure-and behold sweeping park views-during a walk-through tour of Tarzan’s jungle home.

On the way to the Tarzan house at the top of the tree.

Roaring tiger statue.

Tarzan and Jane statues.

A statue of an orangutan and a cute little baby.

Skull sculpture with some book decoration.

The Jungle Cruise is a riverboat attraction located in Adventureland.

You can see the beautiful scenery around the jungle river cruise.

The attraction simulates a riverboat cruise down several major rivers of Asia, Africa, and South America. Park guests board replica tramp steamers from a 1930s British explorers' lodge and are taken on a voyage past many different Audio-Animatronic jungle animals. The tour is led by a live Disney Cast Member delivering humorous narration. This narration is based on a written and practiced script, but generally is largely delivered ad-lib.

Unfortunately, Jungle River Cruise is not as exciting as I imagined.

A ride on The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh dark ride at Hong Kong Disneyland.

Mickey’s PhilharMagic
Mickey's PhilharMagic is a 3-D film attraction found at the Magic Kingdom theme park in the Walt Disney World Resort, Hong Kong Disneyland.

Even we are an adult, but still young in our heart! (~˘▾˘)~

Fairy Tale Forest
I explore the enchanted Fairy Tale Forest scenes from some of my favorite princess fairy tales. These are beautifully landscaped gardens with touches of colorful flowers sculptures here and there.

Cast off on a whimsical boat ride past a joyful congregation of singing children from around the globe. 

Now that I am growing up, I really just want to be a kid again.

I found the stitch character in here!

Tomorrow land
Tomorrowland is one of the many themed lands featured at all of the Magic Kingdom styled Disney theme parks around the world owned or licensed by The Walt Disney Company. Each version of the land is different and features numerous attractions that depict views of the future.

Goodbye, I will fly out of the planet! ƪ(˘⌣˘)┐

Toy Story Land (known as Toy Story Playland at Walt Disney Studios Park) is a themed land at Walt Disney Studios Park, Hong Kong Disneyland, Shanghai Disneyland, and Disney's Hollywood Studios. The area is based on the Disney·Pixar film series Toy Story. Toy Story Land in Hong Kong opened on November 17, 2011.

Iron Man Experience is a 3-D motion simulator attraction in Tomorrowland at Hong Kong Disneyland, which opened on 11 January 2017. The attraction is based on the Marvel Comics character Iron Man, becoming the first Disney attraction to be based on a Marvel property.

Stark Expo - The Technological Wonderland of Stark Industries.
The Stark Expo is divided into several exhibition halls. In the Hall of Protection, you can get up close to the iconic Iron Man MARK III suit and other leading advancements in the sphere of defense. Then get an inside look at how the arc reactor provides enough clean and sustainable energy to power an entire city in the Hall of Energy; followed by the Hall of Mobility, where you will see the latest technological masterpiece from Stark Industries - the gravity-defying Iron Wing.

Theatre in the wild.

Festival of The Lion King
Festival of the Lion King is a live stage musical performed in Adventureland at Hong Kong Disneyland. The show, an original interpretation of the Disney animated film The Lion King, uses songs, dance, puppetry, and visual effects to portray a tribal celebration in an African savanna setting filled with lions, elephants, giraffes, birds, zebras, and gazelles.

In this theater environment, Festival of the Lion King is a traveling celebration presented by Simba and his friends (including a band of four human singers). The show is in the form of a revue, and not a condensed version of either the film or Broadway show. The show features Elton John and Tim Rice's award-winning music from the movie.

You can see the Festival of the Lion King through the video that I put below. 

Mystic Manor
The attraction utilizes a trackless ride system similar to that used in Pooh's Hunny Hunt. It features a musical score by Danny Elfman.

Fairy Tale Forest - presented by PANDORA
The more you look, listen and play, the more magic you’ll discover in the forest. In this area, you can see some unique miniatures, and fountains decorated with beautiful flowers and plants while listening to instrumental music.

Thanks to our photographer who always told us to take a photo together.

Cinderella Carousel
Spin around, up and down to joyous music atop a regal steed at this classic attraction inspired by Disney’s Cinderella.

There are horses different sizes to accommodate all ages.

Star Wars Tomorrowland Takeover.

Rocket into a Star Wars Battle.
I thought it was a bit boring but I'm wrong, this ride gave me a huge shock! In my opinion, this is the most creepy ride and make me nauseous and want to vomit.

Big Grizzly Mountain Runaway Mine Cars
Big grizzly mountain runaway mine cars is a steel roller coaster in the Grizzly Gulch Big section of Hongkong Disneyland. The attraction features Audio-Animatronic bears as well as a backward section. Big Grizzly Mountain is the second mountain and third roller coaster attraction at Hongkong Disneyland.

One of the food items that I love to get when I visit Disneyland is getting a Mickey Mouse waffle. ~(˘▾˘~) The Mickey Mouse shaped waffles. The Mickey waffles with the chocolate sauce are delicious, crispy on the outside but soft inside. Worth the price!

We decided to have lunch at the Royal Banquet Hall. Royal Banquet Hall has four stations: Grill, Japanese, Guangdong, and International.

With Klook you can buy a meal voucher to go with your entry ticket. For the tickets, I would recommend purchasing online to avoid the long queues and a few dollars can be saved by buying a ticket with a food package online. Just present the printed tickets or mobile vouchers at the turnstiles for a quick entrance.

Inside the Royal Banquet Hall, you can see the Cinderella and Prince Charming statue.

The meats were juicy, soft and flavoury. The french fries are also crispy outside and soft inside.

Char-grilled Beef Steak Combo.

Signature Mixed Grill Combo.

The Royal Seafood Fried Rice with Scallop Combo is not tasty, the rice is cold and dry. The scallop is also not fresh and hard to eat.

The mangos pudding is yummy and sweet. Prices are a tad on the higher end but still not bad.

Just for your information, the Disney characters can be found at different corners in the park for photo shooting sessions at certain timings but you have to wait in a long queue. Since I don't want to wait in a very long queue, so I skip a photo session with Disney characters.

Overall, a lot of people refer to Disneyland as the happiest place on earth, but not for me. The place is very crowded, mess up, and you can't really feel the happiness here. We only spend a half day here, and we were surprised at how small Disneyland in Hong Kong was.

I hadn’t been to Disneyland before and while I was expecting to have a wonderful time but in reality, I felt disappointed with Disneyland in Hongkong. Maybe one day I will try going to Disneyland again but in another country.

Hope you have enjoyed my Hong Kong Disneyland review as much as I have to relive the experience while writing this. Please feel free to ask me any questions or follow my blog, I look forward to hearing from you.


Utilize the convenient Mass Transit Railway (MTR) by boarding the Disneyland Resort Line at Sunny Bay Station. Trains that run from Sunny Bay Station to Hong Kong Disneyland Resort and back run every few minutes daily, from early in the morning until late at night. For up-to-date MTR train schedule information, visit the MTR WEBSITE.

Hong Kong Disneyland Resort is only a 30-minute ride from the following MTR stations:
Hong Kong International Airport MTR Station (transfer at Tsing Yi Station and transfer to Sunny Bay Station), MTR Kowloon Station, and MTR Hong Kong Station.

Lantau Island, Hong Kong

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