Grace Karin Vintage Retro Swing Summer Dress

Hello loves! I'm back with another post and this time it's an outfit post! If you've been reading my blog all along you might have noticed I rarely post on my outfit and fashion related post. But, Today I want to share with you some useful information. I hope you find this post helps you to find new ideas. Thinking of purchasing clothes or accessories online but worry about the condition (good state or not) of the items. If so, I got it covered for you, let me introduce you to a brand called GRACEKARIN

The Grace Karin team was founded in 2008. GRACE KARIN has dedicated to offering high-quality women's fashion apparel with the principle of "simple and stylish". Their designers have created dresses to fit every occasion, style and season. The style focuses on modern, elegant and simple clothes which are not only suitable for daily but also for party and work. You will always find up to date, trendsetting fashion with Grace Karin. They specialize in prom, evening, bridal, bridesmaids, vintage, and cocktail dresses. From intricate, elaborate and elegant to simple, sexy and classy.

The packaging was very nice and from the date of the order, the dresses took around 2 weeks to arrive which isn’t too bad. This dress is really cute, it is bright blue, and the color is exactly the same as shown in the picture.

It also came with the belt and a small almost not even noticeable loop on the side of the dress for the belt to go through. 

I ordered a size small, and it fit me a little loose. The dress is a little long on me as my height is 156 cm only.

I was happily surprised by the quality of the material. The fabric is thick and the dress is very well made but needed some ironing. I like the blue color on the dress, and how the colorful flower patterns really "pops" as a contrasting color and makes the dress look expensive.

The only thing I have to say about the dress is that the belt it comes with doesn't really have a good way to secure all the excess belt so I have to tuck it back into the side loop multiple times a day. 

The Vintage Retro Swing Summer Dress fabric has a satiny feel and it looks perfect with my black cardigan.

1950s vintage retro swing summer dress. Dress available HERE.

Overall, I can happily say that I am still very happy with my purchases. I like the dress because it is comfortable and the quality is great and does not look cheap. It is a gorgeous summer dress and a great piece to add to my wardrobe.

If you have been wanting to top up your wardrobe with some beautiful summer fashions but are on a bit of a budget, don't worry Grace Karin will make your dream come true! 

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  1. That dress is so cute on you! and I love the color. what I sometimes do with belts that are too long is I'll use a hair band as a sort of belt loop ... works great!

  2. Molto carino e ti sta benissimo. Buona serata:)

  3. The dress looks awesome! Love the background as well!

  4. the dress is totally so pretty, it looks good and suit u well 💕💕

  5. Okay, 1st off, you're absolutely gorgeous in that dress. It looks so perfect, and I love the flowery design.
    I really love your blog, this article is top notch!
    Subscribed! 😉

  6. Gorgeous floral dress I must check this brand out I have never heard of Loved it xoxo Cris

  7. Amei esse seu texto, realmente é um dos melhores blog que estou acompanhando. Suas postagens são excelente! Parabéns!

    Já até salvei em meus blogs favoritos ❤️..

    Meu Blog: Resultado Vale da Sorte


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